Why it’s Okay for Girls to Post Pictures of Shirtless Guys


First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking time to read this blog, especially if you are someone reading with intent to bite my head off for my title.

Second, I want to explain that I am not here to endorse the epidemic of shirtless men on social media thanks to plagues like “mancrushmonday”. I am actually here to identify a double standard in our culture, and it pains me to see how oblivious my Christian sisters are to it.

Half Dressed Girls vs Shirtless Boys

If you are a girl, I know that you have either directly or indirectly voiced your annoyance and disgust of guys who post pictures of half dressed girls in skimpy bikinis to talk about how “hot” they are. It’s degrading to women, portraying us as sex objects, and gives guys a chance to look at girls in a lustful way. I don’t know about you, but I usually associate the word “pig” with ones that do this. Because of this mentality, you typically do not see respectable guys posting these pictures, because they have been in a sense, “called out” on this action.

But what about the countless pictures that clog my news feeds of shirtless men as girls’ “Mancrush Monday” or “Celebrity Crushes”? I am amazed to see how many girls I know that will post these pictures and refer to how “sexy” a guy is, or talk of how much they are drooling over this guy’s abs. Now, call me crazy, but that seems to me to be the equivalent of what girls get offended by guys over.

There has been created a double standard in our society, when it comes to guy and girl turn ons.

When guys are eager to watch movies like Transformers because of Megan Fox starring in it, or UT cheerleaders in Man of the House, or beautiful young women in Sucker Punch, American Pie and countless others, we roll our eyes and wonder why guys want to feed their lustful desires with these kinds of movies. Don’t they know that they are only making it harder on themselves to resist the temptation to sin and further degrade women?

Yet, so many women, and surprisingly many Christian women boasted about going to the midnight premiere of Magic Mike and bent over backwards to get their hands on a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. And no one says a thing about it.

Well I am saying something about it. It’s WRONG. And I am not trying to point fingers and say that if you are guilty of any of these things that you are going to burn in hell, but I am not going to sweep it under the rug like society has done. The reality here is that it is lust, and just like when a guy goes to those movies or posts a pic of a girl in a bikini, it tempts the flesh to engage in lustful desires towards that person. And lust isn’t only a male problem.

There seems to be a misconception that women don’t struggle with lust, but that is a lie. All humans have a sinful flesh, and so women in effect are tempted and fall into the temptation of lust. In fact, I would venture to say that over 50% of women struggle with lust in various forms, yet they either don’t talk about it, or they justify it because it’s a book, or because it’s not truly porn, just a movie about a male prostitute. It may not be as big or as common of a struggle all the time for women as it seems to be for men, but it can be, and it still is sin all the same. That being said, we are held to the same standard in the Lord’s eyes, which means we should be called out on this and should work to put a stop to it.

That’s why I am here to proclaim that this double standard should be broken, because whether male or female, as Christians we are called to a higher standard than the world, living not of our flesh, but by the Spirit. Ladies, we need to recognize that the Lord has called us to respect our brothers, just as He calls our brothers to respect us. Do not fall into this double standardized society the world has created for women.

“I will put enmity between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and her offspring;” | Genesis 3:15a

Remember that enmity, meaning deep hatred has been created between women and Satan, and he is going to especially try to use every opportunity to deceive us in a way that will lead us to the path of destruction, and to pull us away from the Father. He lives to destroy the beautiful promises that the Lord has given us, so my prayer is that we can rise above this epidemic in our society, and love and respect our brothers as we are called to do.


11 thoughts on “Why it’s Okay for Girls to Post Pictures of Shirtless Guys

  1. I applaud you.

  2. This is so awesome. I have posted a couple “mancrushmonday” pictures, but never understood when my fellow Christian ladies posted shirtless pictures. I’ve even seen some do pictures of swimmers in their speedos. Eventually, I started to feel weird about all the posts and just stopped doing them. I think it’s adorable when girls post pictures of them with their boyfriends under that hashtag, but it can quickly go out of control.
    Thanks for this post!

    • Thank you for reading and agreeing! I always think that no one actually reads these, so I am encouraged when I get feedback! haha Thanks for reblogging as well! I am thankful for you!

  3. Reblogged this on The Camille Chronicles and commented:
    Ladies, listen up! You need to read this.

  4. I am amazed the some one said anything about this. I understand that as a man we have different rules to live by in this arena or so I though. Very compelling blog and I think more Christian Women should at least understand that they are doing the same thing that men do and at least see it for what it is. Sin. Thanks!

  5. […] For Christians who wish to take part, the pitfalls are obvious: Lust. Idolatry. Warped perspectives on beauty and sexuality. Christians analyzing the trend have generally agreed on what notes to sound in response: “disturbing”; “lustful, wrong, and hypocritical”; a “plague” perpetuated by “pig[s]“. […]

  6. […] For Christians who wish to take part, the pitfalls are obvious: Lust. Idolatry. Warped perspectives on beauty and sexuality. Christians analyzing the trend have generally agreed on what notes to sound in response: “disturbing”; “lustful, wrong, and hypocritical”; a “plague” perpetuated by “pig[s]“. […]

  7. Why is it okay for girls to post pictures of shirtless guys? If the question’s not rhetorical, I think I can answer it.

    The really, really simple answer is because males (especially teenage boys/young men) don’t mind when a revealing picture gets around. The explanation of that is much less simple, but being only 3 years removed from high school, I get it.

    Let’s say girl X and boy X are roughly the same age (somewhere between 16 and 20) and have similar values (good kids, but like most teenagers, pushing their boundaries). Neither of them are famous, they’re normal upper middle class kids from suburbia, PA. Oh, and they’re both physically attractive and proud of their appearance.

    They each take a semi-provocative picture, not quite a sext but not something they’d want to sent to their mother. Maybe they took it for their bf/gf, maybe it was taken of them at a party, or maybe it was just simply taken at a beach… The context doesn’t really matter. The photo starts to make the rounds on social media.

    You’ve got an identical situation, but you’ll get two very different reactions.

    The girl, though she’s not ashamed of her body, will be outraged at whoever she thinks put it out and embarrassed that so many people have seen it. For 3 reasons that are 100% unique to females.

    1.) The cattiness between females. (“Oh she must be easy”, or “she wants the attention”… Those quotes were being kind, I’ve heard wayyy worse.)

    2.) The fear that it will bring unwanted attention from teen males. Because in our dating culture, it’s on the man to “make the first move”, so girls get propositioned more than they want anyway. If boys THINK (even if it’s an illusion) the girl wants attention, they’ll pursue her more aggressively.

    3.) The threat that it could come back to haunt them when they’re adults. An employer could see it, a professor, even their kids.

    Like you said in your blog, boys/men know girls don’t want sexy pictures circulating, so whether it’s out of respect or simply self perseveration (No guy wants to be known as a pig.) he’s not gonna spread out around.

    Now when a teenage boy sees a picture of himself without a shirt pop up on some website, at the least he won’t care, and at the most he’ll be proud of it. Half of the shirtless pictures you see of teenagers were posted on their own profile by the guy himself. It’s almost a celebration of an accomplishment. Believe me your abs don’t look like that without a lot of painful effort. Beyond that, men don’t face the same social stigmas. Think about the 3 reasons girls get upset when pictures get out.

    1.) Straight boys won’t even acknowledge that they saw other boy’s pictures.

    2.) Girls aren’t going to aggressively pursue a man. Even if she does, I doubt he’d care. He’ll either be happy, or he’ll shoot it down.

    3.) Nobody sees a shirtless pic as a “slutty” action on the part of a man. Even if it does resurface later, it won’t bother him.

    It is a double standard and it’s too bad, but it’s hardly new. You can go all the way back to the middle ages when “cassanova men” wrote poems about their exploits and were applauded as artists, but Kate Chopin’s book was still banned 300 years later.

    It’s also hardly unique to western culture. I mean in the most religious areas of the mid-east some women aren’t permitted to show any skin, but men’s fashion really isn’t much different than you’d see here in the states.

    I doubt it’ll ever change. That said, I don’t see a huge issue with it. If the boys are comfortable with it, no harm/no foul.

  8. There is such a double standard today. I just read this and wanted to say thank you for speaking up.
    I’m a married male, 33 6’2″ athletic, handsome and very well aware of the fact.
    Having said that, However I have experienced my wife (A PK, no less) and her mother post topless photos of male models a time or two, it has hurt my self confidence andbriefly had me questioning my marriage, as well as my relationship with my MIL.
    I talked to my wife personally and also posted on my feed that it was hurtful, even to a very self confident man and that if I’m expected to not lust for and objectify other women, they should be held to that same Godly Principal.

    I hope some guy reads this and it gives him the courage to speak up, you don’t have to let it slide. There’s no difference between my wife posting topless photos of Tatum Channing and me posting a topless photo of Kim Kardashian.
    Both are wrong.

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