Behind the Mask


“Behind the Mask”

Who are you behind closed doors?

You know what I’m talking about, don’t try to ignore

that secret that immediately comes to mind

but you try and shove it down, grab your mask and hide

all the pain, the scars, unwanted memories,

the shame, the guilt, feelings of slavery

Don’t try and say you’re an “open book”

Yeah, when’s the last time you took a deeper look

at those little secrets that burden you daily?

Have you even taken off your mask lately?

“What mask?” You ask, as if you aren’t well acquainted

It’s a wall that for some has been built up for ages

It hides all our scars and our secret sin

Our stubborn pride glues that mask to our skin

It feeds these lies down inside our soul

That our secrets are ours and should never be told

But see, that’s a HUGE problem in the church that I see,

I’ve never seen such a lack of transparency!

Since when does the Lord say to walk alone and

carry these burdens on a lonely road?

Last time I looked at Galations 6:2

Carrying each other’s burdens is what we’re called to do

Flip forward a few books to James 5:16

you’ll see that confessing sins to friends brings healing

But we live with a mentality that screams “Don’t show that your weak!

If people know your past, see your scars, they will think

that you are a failure, that you’re just a sinning hypocrite

If they knew your little secret, you’d never hear the end of it.”

So you’ve built your little mask up making sure it’s nice and strong

It paints for all the world an illusion that nothing’s wrong.

But Church, let’s get real for a second and remind ourselves of grace.

It was given to us for times we fail and points others to His face.

Because when we remove this mask of pride and show the world we fail,

Our weaknesses boast the power of Christ and how He always prevails

So let us stand firm and remove our masks so that all the world may see

That we are boasting in all our weakness in order that Christ may be

glorified, lifted high, and proclaimed as King of Kings

The power of Christ shown in our lives starts with transparency.



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