Anxiously Waiting…


Ever have insomnia when anxious about the unknown?

Well I sure do, pretty much all the time. It’s almost 1am, and I begin my second semester of college tomorrow morning, starting at 9am. There are so many emotions I am having: Anxiety, excitement, anticipation, fear, curiosity, and so many others…The reality is that I don’t know what to expect from this semester. Last semester was GREAT, and the Lord taught me so much and stretched me in ways that I never thought I could be stretched, but in a way I fear this semester and all the molding He is going to be doing. The unknown tends to freak me out, and so I begin to question and think of all the things that could be. I also feel as though I changed so much last semester, that too much more change will completely annihilate who I think I am, and change my identity.

But, I am trusting that the Lord is Sovereign and Good(which He is), and that if He changes me, that it is for the better, and that my identity will be found even more in Christ. His ways are higher and better than my ways. I am praying for a semester filled with Joy, and His presence, and that I will be firmly planted in His word, and seeking to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit!

I have been reading in Acts lately, and seeking and learning about the characteristics of the Holy Spirit and the importance of it! I have learned that we should strive to be filled with the Holy Spirit DAILY, and walk in the fullness of that, so that we can be effective in our ministry, and so that we can have access to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that the Spirit can use those gifts through us(in His timing) to accomplish His ministry! I never realized how important and amazing these characteristics of the Holy Spirit are, and so my prayer is that this semester my eyes will be opened to so much more as I seek the Spirit every day!

So as I wait restlessly for a new day, I ask the Father to change my heart, and help me crave Him daily, and walk in the fullness of His Spirit, so that my eyes might be opened to the beautiful grace of Jesus everyday! I love you, Lord! Amen!

 “Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.” | Galations 5:25


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